Cedar Fence Black and White Version


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Nov 28, 2011
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I posted a thread with the colour version of this shot a couple days ago, at the same time I processed it in black and white. When I was finished I almost loved it but there was something that bothered me about it, I'm not going to say what that was to see if anyone else picks up on it. Seeing it with fresh eyes today I don't find it as much of an issue so now I'm curious.

Thanks for taking a look!

Why is the barn yelling at me? ;) Clone out the large black rectangle.

Why the square crop (I think I can guess)? Not sure the composition works as a square crop.

Love the processing. Love the fence/barn story. Not totally on board with the composition.
Thanks Sleist, I didn't notice the barn yelling but I kinda see it now lol, I'll have to check if it is the same effect in the colour. Square crop, two fold, bad sky, it was pretty heavy cloud and while higher up from the horizon looked great it all piled up in the distance and was just white, and I like square crops so I didn't mind going there with this one.
I too love the processing and the qualities of the light I think where it falls short for me is the center post of the fence, it gets lost in this version for me a bit and I think that hurts the strength of the fence in the foreground, it seems much less in the colour version, perhaps a little lightening on just that post will complete that first level of depth that the fence creates?

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