Cedar Fence


A naughty little bunny...
Nov 28, 2011
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Mr Rabbit and I went out for a ride on the bike today, it was a whole lot of cloud and little bits of sun today and the sun peeked through and hit the fence as we sat at an intersection.
Would love to hear your thoughts, thanks for taking a look!

This could almost be cropped into a very nice picture. The out-of-focus barn in the background doesn't help, and IMO, hinders this shot. Don't know how deft you are at rubbing out some of the background, but see what you think of this crop:

ps: It should be a little higher, but I wanted you to see it without a lot of barn in the frame.

$9170478556_cc6113ab7a_b - Version 2.jpg
I like the out of focus background and to me doesn't hurt the image at all, it is fine the way it is.
Wow, I completely disagree about the barn. I love this shot! There is so much depth and so many levels of light and texture. This is one of my favorites from you Pixel! I would almost ask if I could put this on a wall in my house but then people would ask if I shot it and I would have to say no. :)
I see we have another split decision here, thanks all!
I like the barn, too.
Thanks Charlie :)
I like the barn too. In fact I like the first image as is - would not change a thing !!
Thanks Krisztina :)

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