Celebrating Emotional Connection

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Aug 11, 2021
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I love animals — and some people too! :excitement:

What I love more is when people have connections with animals and I don't mean just
to use them in whichever way but a real, almost symbiotic, emotional connection.

All those years of digging in that bond produced — in my eye — some very significant
images… like this one. I was hidden in the stable, shooting through an opened window
with a long lens so they were oblivious to my presence.

At the end of the morning warmup, they were both standing at the starting position
of the exercise.

The rider seems to say/think: "Ok, girl, are we ready? Make me proud, let's do this!"
And the young mare, with her alert and defiant look to suggest: "Right, bring it on!"

Really nice, intense expression on the girl. The horse's ears are definitely swiveled towards her: they are listening to each other.

Nice exposure too: good shot!
… they are listening to each other.

At SR, one may not see all that is happening in the flow and fire of
the action. As it was sometimes in the darkroom, given things do
reveal themselves in greater details once in post.

Thank you both!
Great expression. This is a very nicely-caught moment shared by horse and rider. Well done.

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