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Oct 5, 2016
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Hey guys. Looking for a CF tripod that can support my 5D IV with battery grip & 100-400 L with 1.4x tele on it. My current mefoto road trip isn't doing so hot with that weight. I'd like CF but don't want to spend over 300 unless its definitely worth it over another in the price point.
Have you thought about training your old legs for a upgrade
Sorry, can't help with a specific model recommendation. My tripods are all older, and my CF model is a discontinued Adorama house brand from 2012.
CF has lots of cachet but drifts into overkill/excess if you don’t really need the weight-saving—its only real(and not huge)advantage over plain vanilla aluminum.
I use manfrotto tripods, I can look at the model num if you like
Weight wise, well I went into camera shop listed the max I could post put on the tripods d asked what to get
On CF I honestly don't know. I thought long and hard about them, but despite the rigidity of them, mass still takes the cake for vibration absorption over CF.


Now this is ONLY MY OPINION!!!!

Right now one of the "older" names is obstencievely out of business and orders are difficult for anything out of stock.
But there are some deals coming out.
Their CF tripods are a bit pricey but great reviews..

Tiltall is actually a few towns away from me. I'll contact them. Thanks!
The Manfroto MT055cxpro4 is a great bit of kit and around your budget.
5D IV with battery grip & 100-400 L with 1.4x tele is a lot of weight....considering you'll need a quality ball head as well, I don't think you'll find decent legs at that price. I'd hold off until you can afford a better set of legs because you'll just end up buying a more expensive set later when you see the limitations of the cheaper ones. An expensive tripod will last a decade or more so think about cost amortization.
You may want to try looking online at Ali Baba. I have a CF tripod that is well made, can do many different things (like, has a built-in monopod and easily changes from ball head to a fluid head for video) and I paid less than $300 for it. Made in China, and thus the Ali Baba reference. I had a very big Manfrotto that I called "The beast". When I needed it, it was great, but damn, was it heavy and I hated lugging it around. I wrote and article for (I think) Popular Photography & Imaging (May have been the Adorama Learning Center- I forget) about purchasing a tripod and the leg fasteners are of course important (never buy the "clip" ones, always the screw/fasten models) but when talking to different manufacturers, their "rule of thumb" was for every one ounce of camera/lens, the tripod should be able to support an equivalent in pounds. So, 12 ounces of camera, get a tripod that will support 12 pounds or more. Most good tripods will support 100 pounds and more, so this should never be an issue, but choose carefully and be sure you get the specs prior to plunking down the cash.
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