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Nov 5, 2011
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I am about to start my business out for portraits soon and was wondering what i should start out in price.
why don't you post some shots.. so we can evaluate them?

Portraiture can be worth very little, or worth a whole lot... we don't know where you are! :)
Labor + Overhead + Material + Profit = Price.
why don't you post some shots.. so we can evaluate them?
Dude. We don't need to see any photos, because it really doesn't matter.

Like 480sparky alludes to, and it's the same for any type of business, pricing has to be based on the businesses non-reimbursed expenses, salaries for the employees, and the cost of the goods sold.

Otherwise a business can't stay in business.

A retail photography business being operated out of a home usually has lower non-reimbursed business expenses than a retail photography business that is operated out of a store front studio.

That the OP doesn't seem to yet understand the essential and fundamental business considerations related to operating a photography business, is a way larger issue than what the photographs actually look like. There are naturally talented, amazing photographers out there that can't make a dime selling their awesome images, because they don't know how to sell them,. thye there are mediocre photographers that are getting wealthy becuase they know how to run a business and sell their goods.

Apparently the OP has no written business and marketing plan, because the pricing would be part of process of developing that plan.

So, I strongly recommend the OP visit, if the OP hasn't already, and read the information at - Starting a Business |
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