Chasing Butterflies

Murray Bloom

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Jun 6, 2007
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Baltimore, MD
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The really hard part was keeping myself out of the shot. :wink:

$Chasing Butterflies.jpg
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The link is broken... :(
Repost? :)
I made this one a few days ago just for fun. Actually, there's little about this picture that's actually real, except an image of a fountain and garden, and one of the butterfly.

The background image was modified using the "wee planets" method. The trick to that is finding an image that lends itself to the process and has the right balance of sky. When done right, you wind up with a more or less circular planet surrounded by sky. This isn't a stellar example of the genre; and was actually kind of boring, which is why I added the butterfly, trying to make it look like I was somehow hovering above the insect, which was flying above the garden. It also wasn't easy finding a suitable butterfly in my files that was actually in flight and was lit consistent with the underlying image.

Pictures like this one are what happens when I'm bored. Sometimes I come up with something worthwhile, sometimes not.
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Fine work; and inclusion of the butterfly is like adding signature that makes it your own interpretation
Well done :D
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