Cheap silver snapshot lenses - AF 35-80 / 80-200 for K10D - any good ?

Discussion in 'Pentax Lenses' started by paul'dee'dowling, Aug 14, 2015.

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    Feb 4, 2015
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    Post Sony A290/A35 , I am reviving my K10d bought to use a manual lens [ 50 f1.8 KM ] as my Leica Digilux 3 has an MD mount jammed in place !!

    With the A290 I use a 1997 35-80 silver Minolta kit lens because the nom 52-120 is perfect for me ,plus a Sony 80-20 / 50- f1.8.

    I can't afford decent lenses for the K10d but the silver Pentax 35-80 and 80-200 kit lenses seem really cheap. But are they any good as a means to revive the K10d ?

    I have an M8 with CV 35 f2.5 colour scopar and J2 for more serious intent , so the K10d will just be a a snapshooting camera of basic quality .




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