Impulse buy - new X-Pro 1 body , 27mm f2.8 awaited ...

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    I am a considered snap shooter with mild , but disruptive , ASD , a camera creates a distance from a confusing world and allows me to be outside social events .
    I also like collecting cameras and keeping them round me - continuity I guess . My favourites are the Conatax Kiev line dating from 1935 - the early 80s . I have several Contax bodied hybrids , two with early Kiev 4 top plates and meters . I am also into Minolta SR and SRT .
    My avatar is a severely worn Contax rebuilt by Kiev engineers in Kiev with tan leather and a J3 in genuine Contax mount .
    Recently , I chanced upon a new X-Pro 1 body @ £ 160 intending to use a CV 35mm f2.5 with adapter .
    I have since been told that it is tricky with 3rd Party lenses , so I sold a nice Leica II to finance a 27mm f2.8 @ £150 .
    I am hoping that this will provide a quality carry around for the £ 310 I would have to pay for an entry level CSC with kit zoom .
    I have both Sony A35 and A290 with kit zooms / Minolta 35-80 [ 50-120 ] and 35 f1.8 , but miss the quality feel of the Leica M8 .
    The X-Pro 1 body seems to impart a similar quality feel - and , with ASD causing some confusion with an EVF , I like the OVF .
    I intend taking it to a rare holiday , having been invited to my Chinese wife's family in Malaysia . I am uncertain about taking my treasured M8 as I no longer have funds for repair , so when it dies , that will be the end .[ inheritance buy to be as close to analogue as possible , not a Leica person really ] Again , being behind the camera , with their understanding , I can be outside looking in , I love buildings . architecture and cars [ guess they don't interact !!
    I wonder about your thoughts about this combination ?

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    Congrats on the camera. I have an XPro 1 and my 30mm f2 lens lives on that camera. I find it's a very useful focal length. So the 27mm should be the same but with the benefit of being more compact.

    I think that the XPro works great with old manual focus lenses when you use focus peaking in the camera. You should give it a try. You don't need to buy an expensive adapter. I have a bunch of $10 eBay adapters and they work fine.

    Whoops.... just saw the posting date on this one!

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