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Cheap umbrella

Nope, but you can walk into Blacks/Wolf/Ritz and get a 45" white, convertible umbrella (black back comes off and you can use it as a shoot through) for $32.99.

If needed. Holder/adapter/clamp is $19.99 which mounts to light stand, tripod or just about anything. (not a cymbal stand)

$53 total.
Did you read the reviews of it?

Many people received broken merchandise and had issues. For that price, I would definately go to a KNOWN GOOD vendor and pay a few dollars more to get better quality products.

In lighting, it is important to invest in the very best that you can becuase 90% of the time, your lighting setup outlives several cameras.

I prefer flash lighting over fulltime on lighting for better quality results. My setup has both, but after a few times playing with it, the constant on lighting was turned off and I stick to the strobes only.

You can likely get MUCH better results and more portability if you simply get yourself a couple of cheap Sunpack or Vivitar flashes and attach them to a couple of umbrellas. On top of being better quality, you can also take them and use them in places that you do not need a power outlet.

Also, this kit seems so small and underpowered, that I doubt you can get good results in a size that would accomodate more than 1-2 people max.
i saw that one too hehe

since i also want to purchase a "lightning kit" i found this one on ebay
Item # 290185120777

and is for sale on amazon too

actually the don't have that bad feedback i don't know if that brand is a "name brand" but for all it has for the price i don't know if can be that bad...

if i had the money i'll probably go with a profoto hehe:mrgreen:

this is it
that SP3500 kit look nice , and the price too
what do you think JerryPH?

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