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Jan 28, 2008
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Hey.. just wanna give a shout out.. !!

For those of you like me that love photos.. you'll love

I'm a designer with them, and it's just awesome what we can do with your photos. She's committed to getting all those photos out where they can be appreciated.. and it's just awesome!!

I'm not much of a photographer.. and I rely on photoshop to my make my photos pretty.. and even then, they end up in a box most of the time on a shelf.. I just don't have time to make photo books, or get them framed.. and her service is awesome.. you get professional photo retouching and a way to bring your photos out in the open!! It's awesome!!

So far.. my favorite assignment was a photo book that I made for an amateur photographer that purchased a book on her site. His wife buys him a custom book every year and he uses that to feature his favorite photos in an artful way.. it's just incredible. For all you photographers out there.. this is a perfect way to capture and preserve your favorite photos!! And we also have graphics designers that can turn your photos into wall-size artwork... so definitely check it out!!

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