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Jul 14, 2003
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Wahey! I just got the T adaptor to directly hook my telescope upto my SLR….. now i'll be able to shoot some guided deep space objects

mmmm a 1540mm f12.1 telephoto lens!

wow!!!! :shock: ... dont forget to peer in your neighbor's window :lol:
wow!!!! ... dont forget to peer in your neighbor's window

:roll: ohnestly! everyone makes comments like that when ever you tell them you have telescope, its just not pratical to use it like that...better to use the smaller finderscope... much better. :lol:

i have taken one shot through my front room window with it at its highest magnification, of the neighbours TV antenna! which was at about 300x The house is about 100 feet away, the antenna is about 2 foot long...

just playing around really!

mmm, I think one of me ex-es had a toy that big...... :oops:

oh wait, that was me! HA! :lol: 8)

but seriously now
it really looks great for spying on people...

I mean, looking for satellites :)

enjoy, can't wait to see the pics

p.s. how much did it cost you? if I may ask.....
A good Friend and co-worker of mine is a dedicated amateur astrologist that has just bought a load of camera equipment for his telescope. He's got one of these motorized thingamajigs to compensate for the earth's rotation.

I'll also add that when I used my spell checker "thingamajig" didn't display and other wording examples. :shock: Weird!
Just thought I'd throw that out.

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