Christmas in July in December.


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Mar 1, 2010
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Scituate, MA.
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Christmas in July in December. Christmas Day 2015 65 degrees in Massachusetts

It's 65 degrees here today in the Palm Springs, Ca area. I'm freezing. I grew up in the c-o-l-d Midwest but I've been in the desert since 1960. I'm a hothouse flower now.
The heat has its uses. A newspaper columnist in Tuscon, Arizona used to say about the summer weather, "114 degrees gets rid of the riffraff." It was nice there in the summer, not crowded at all.
God way to enjoy your unusual Christmas weather.
Did you make that table?

It was a fun time. Next year I'll probably have to shovel snow off the deck. Yes I made the table just for Christmas dinner
How nice is that. I bet everyone had a wonderful time. Great idea.

Thanks I thought of moving inside as the sun went down but no one wanted to go inside
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We were at 85 deg., yesterday and today.....
Y'all are lucky. Here in WY it was 13 degrees with 8 inches of snow.

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