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Christmas tradition


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Dec 29, 2007
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At the in-laws they have a tradition of looking for the pickle ornament on the tree. The kids really enjoy it. I shot it with just the lighting in the room and a 50mm lens. I got the lens as were were headed out the door to go there (early present YAY!), so this was one of the first shots I took with it.

I was aiming for a storybook feel. Did I blow it? Or is it okay?

Nope, you didn't blow it. I think its a beautiful shot. I love how you captured the expressions on their face. Good job!
If "storybook feel" was what you were going for, then this photo nails it.
Otherwise I personally would find it way too warm in colour temperature (in other words: too yellow). But since your objective was something different from "a normal photo", you are on the right path.

Congrats on the 50mm lens, by the way! :D It take some time to getting used to "zooming physically", but the sharpness of the lens makes up for all that :D.

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