Church-morning sun


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Aug 9, 2005
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I like to get up early and catch the sun as it hits everyday objects. I know the best colors come out at sunrise and sunset. I would appreciate any comments on this picture. Is the composition okay? I was using a wide angle lens and going for this perspective. Any improvements I can make? Thank you all.

like this but would of liked to see the whole window.

where you flat on your back when you took this ha ha
nice light!

with these shots where you use a wide angle and some extreme perspective, I usually try to get some of the main lines in the shot either parallel to the image borders or diagonal.

the image seems to be a bit chopped off at the lower end. i think one is curious
how the window continues.
jols: the window was okay, not that impressive to me, but I understand that it may be interesting to someone else, so I will try and incorporate that into my newer photos. Not on my back, just a really tall church and a really wide lens (10-20).

alex b: good points also. I can't remember is I tried that. I will have to look at that.

I think there were some undesirable features in the lower part of the frame and I couldn't back up further without getting wires into the shot.

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