Circular Quay Sydney Early Evening

Love this image!

I even like the blur effect formt he people moving with the stable back ground.''

One question though, is there a specific reason the crop on the left was done so close to the building? I think it would have been better with a little space there, but that's just me.

Thanks for sharing.
Thanks fellas! :)

A few others have mentioned that it may be a tad unbalanced though with too much empty space on the right.
I personally don't mind it but that building on the left is right next to a round about and road and I think there's some other junk on the ground there, that 'might' have been why I did it this way.

Anyway, cheers for the replies fellas. :D
Very nice. The first thing i noticed is the building on the left seems to be leaning...
Thanks for bringing back some wonderful memories. We spent three days in you beautiful city (in a hotel just to the right of where your picture ends) about 18 months ago, and loved the area. I'm ready to go back for another visit at any time - if only my wallet was as accomodating. :(

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