cities on flame with rock and roll


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Dec 12, 2007
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I think this one is missing something, maybe someone on the floor listening with headphones, feeling the music. The corner of the turntable may be a tad hot (could be my monitor, though), and the acrylic cover needs some dusting :) I'm not too bothered by the huge portion of the frame that's black, but the top of the chair and the cover of the turntable are maybe too close to the edges of the frame.

That being said, I like the mood you're creating here. It's just... the photo seems incomplete to me...
[ame=""]3,000 guitars.......[/ame]

Slightly off balanced IMO. An LP would have been better on the turntable.

R&R bro.
yea i agree after staring at it for a few minutes an lp would have def been a better choice. The "concept" (I'm using that term loosely) of the photo was suppose to be a statement on the decline of music from the 60's and how the music is being neglected and the beauty forgotten. Hence the semi-modern chair barely lit empty in front of the turntable (symbolizing today's generation).

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