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    Last year these guys made their nest at the neighbours, this year the neighbours boarded up their front door so they came to our house. I have been waiting for good light to try and get a picture of them but it looks like they are about to leave house and no sight of anything other than rain and clouds here. Hopefully there will be a moment of two of sun tomorrow but if not just in case i took some pics of the hard working parents just now. The lightings horrid, and the focus is way out on number two but just all in case there in no more chances here are the almost shots...

    1 male arriving

    2 male re-arriving
    so near but so far :), pre focused as the af will not keep up with them.

    female arriving

    All taken with a k&m 28-75mm at about 60 mm at f10 1/125s and on camera flash, 20m of lighting cable and an old power connector from a pc as a remote trigger. No expencive kit to get close :), any advice on what to change if any good light comes my way very much apreciated. Possibly a portrait with a macro lens to keep the nasty background out?

    Thanks for looking



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