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Dec 25, 2005
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Sydney 'strailya
OK. So my questions are;

1.) Do you think these images are cliche or catering to what the market wants? I was aiming for something I can make a decent sized print from (not for sale, but maybe as a present for a family member)

2.) These were shot at dawn. Do you prefer the brighter image (1) or the more silhoutte style (2) or how about darker still.

3.) Are they boring as batsh*t? Or a reasonable cityscape.

4.) All general critique very welcome. Don't hold it in, I'm a big boy :)

Image 1

Image 2
i think both are really good... but have you tried lowering apperture? to f/22 or less? you may get a nice "star effect" and making the time longer. I prefer the second picture because it is nicely balanced... there's a nice light on the bridge and great light on the "domes" on the left. and.. what about cropping half of the water in the second one?
Thants for the comments. I did have a few longer exposures, and I did get a few nice stars, but I ended up with quite a bit of noise in them, so I'm not too keen on them :(.

Tried the tighter crop for the second.

I prefer it cropped like this, but think I prefer #1 overall.
okay, so in order:
1-No i don't think they're cliche, they're awesome.
2-I prefer the second one. it has more "nightlife" feel to it, and i like it that you didn't crop the end of the blue reflection.
3-They're very interesting actually
4-Imo, the reflections enhance these pics a lot, so cropping them off is disturbing the overall balance. i agree the second one could use a tighter crop, but cut off the top... say... a few mm from the top of the bridge

overall, they're awesome pics :D
my initial reaction is, it's a shame you've chopped the Sydney Harbour bridge in half. im guessing you never had a wide enough lens to get both the opera house and bridge in frame together. I would have it either fully in, or not at all
Classic Shot. Good camera work. I think you could have explored the subject a little more. Maybe shoot some at sunset or when there are clouds in the sky. Do not be satisfied with just one view of the scene.
Cliche and Commercial are pretty much the same thing.
Most people would be prepared to buy a good 'cliche' but few prefer 'original' work. Give the people what they want and you'll always sell.
I like the light in the first picture but much prefer it when the reflections aren't cropped and come to a "natural" end.

I have to say I find the blue reflection a little bright. It's the first thing my eyes are drawn to every time and takes away from the skyline. This may be intentional? But it's a tiny distraction to me.

PaintShop Pro's "one step noise remover" is brilliant if there is a noise issue!

Edit: I forgot to say that I love it and would hang it on my wall!
good location and composition. I'd say you need to expose a bit more on these. Try a few combinations of exposures and layer them together. Maybe a dark one with the buildings all lit up, then one at sunset with a nice interesting sky and layer them together.
I love the way the light reflects onto the water. Wonderful composition. I like the way Azuth cropped it.
There's nothing new there. They could do with being sharer in my opinion. Lights on the building slook blurry or kinda smudged but not really out of focus.

I prefer the darker image 2.

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