Civil War anyone?

I like number 1, looks like a cannon ball was shot through the wall. Gives me a sense of the passing time. Really cool!
I like #2 but I think you could have done an hdr there to get better exposure of the yard... maybe burn that a little. I also like the last one, but I want it to be straight. I love visiting forts and battle grounds... kinda jealous right now.
Thanks everyone Im glad you guys enjoyed. I love history and this was the perfect opportunity. Im going to DC this week so hopefully I'll have some more shots to share when I come back.
I love fort delaware. Been there many times.

It used to be much better(you could explore ALOT) but I guess time and wear and tear got the best of it.

Something about being on the island is peaceful.

Love the photos!!
Thanks man, I loved it too but the exploring was slightly limited, it is starting to wear down and thing are definitely falling apart. One thing that made me a little mad was the side that the actual prison and cells were used was blocked off. I could only really explore the rooms where officers and their families stayed. I wish I couldve seen some of the more aggressive areas of the prison.
That side has been limited for about 15 years or so. Used to be as long as you had a flashlight you could go through most of the place.

I plan on getting back there before the end of this season

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