claire and daniel


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Nov 6, 2007
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this picture looks great on my mac but awful on my pc.


and this one looks awful on my mac but great on my pc.


c/c please!
Well, I'm on a PC right now and you're right, the first one doesn't look good but the second one does!

Nice capture of a moment.
I swear im not just saying this but I am on a mac and the first one looks good and the second one does not...

colourspaces and colour management and calibration/profiling of the screen might be the answer.
They both look fine on my Monitor. It's got nothing to do with Mac vs's about your monitor and colour space and calibration and whatnot.

Your monitors are off. One of both of them...

Oh, and both look almost the same...other than the 2nd is brighter...and the first one has a slight colour cast.
They both look fine on mine too, the second just seems to have some red and/or orange added into the highlights
I'm not so sure it's in the colour profiles & monitor calibration.

The first image looks like there's more relief in the skin textures making the skin appear rough & blotchey.

The second looks a lot kinder to the faces, and is also much warmer.

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