Cleaning kit - which one?

Discussion in 'Photography Beginners' Forum' started by Overread, May 5, 2008.

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    Well I have been looking around (and searching) but so far whilst I have found advice on blowers for cleaning (the Giottos Rocket-Air keeps getting mentioned a lot) I have not found much on the rest of the cleaning kit.
    I found this on amazon:
    and was wondering if this would do the job (ok it might very well but I don't know the market for this sort of stuff)

    I also saw this:
    and have read a few people like them and I was wondering if they were any good - also they look to be disposable tools as opposed to refill and reuse.

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    As each cleaning may cause micro scratches, I clean lenses as little as possible.
    That said, it is astonishing how dusty or even scratched a lens can be, without a visible effect on the pics'.

    A brush, or cloth, may pick up dust, or even hard particles, which are later brushed against the lens.

    I use air, cleaning liquid (or breathing) & disposable lens tissue, and clean very lightly.

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