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    I'll try to explain quickly - I love the Graphistudio order tracking. It shows you when the order was placed, received, when it's in printing, binding, shipping back to you - VERY easy to follow where your order stands.

    I wanted something like this for clients. Something I could tell them up front - just login to xxx and you'll be able to track your WHOLE order through every step. BUT I didn't want to pay someone to set that sort of thing up for me and since I don't speak SQL I thought I was SOL (ooh geek humor, I AM in a good mood)


    I did it!

    If you've seen my Taskfreak demo you know that I use Taskfreak to do list to track all of my own work. Why do the work x2? Why not just SHOW clients where I am on THEIR project!!

    Go here:

    First thing you'll notice - it's on my domain. I have full control of this. I also branded it with my logo & everything.

    Login name = sample
    password = wedding

    When you get in, you'll also see that it's branded with our blues & greys. Very consistent with our site!

    Once you're in you'll see 3 tasks and various percent complete projects. The due date is on there, and the logged in client can see their tasks as well as under view, sample wedding, past tasks - everything we've already completed!

    They can't edit anything or change due dates. All they can do is view the status.

    I can also give the CLIENT jobs such as "approve final album design" and due dates! I can't imagine that they will blame us for not getting their albums quickly if they know this status thing is update whenever they do anything. :)


    Ok, so now the question is - do you like it? I'm not worried about giving the client too much info and this is *almost* no extra work for me because I use this task list to direct my day anyways.

    I'm super excited about this! haha I'll be doing a tutorial on it later.


    I just registered and as the link I'll give clients.


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