client references

yes, what other options do you have? Have a friend pose as a client? Unless you have only bad relations with past clients, then get in touch with some who you did similar work for and are articulate...
Yep. Just like you would for a job interview.

BTW - I didn't see testimonials on your site. You could ask past clients for them. Personally, I don't ever read testimonials when shopping for a service, but you'd be surprised how seriously some brides take them. For many brides, testimonials and references are the same thing. Plus, it saves you the time of waiting for them to check references, and you'll get a contract signed faster.
Thanks, I sent an email to some of my recent clients asking for a reference. The first two that replied I sent along to the new client. I think I will post testimonials sooner or later, even if it saves me this hassle once, its worth it.

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