Closed Road Course-Which Is Faster

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    I have never owned a car. Always a truck, or some form of a Jeep. My older brothers first car was a somewhat rusty Mach 1. Hes the type of guy then, he had no clue where the dipstick was. Did not deserve that car. Hes 2 years older. So by the time I got to drive. He had wrecked 2 muscle cars, and blown motor on a third. Parents said no more fast cars. So, I went the truck and Jeep route. Though I did use an old 69 Sedan Deville for a couple months. But it wasnt mine. Just could use it. And my wallet was lighter every time I had to get gas for it.

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    I'm sure there are plenty of street legal cars from 2014 that would beat that Porsche round a race track. The Ariel Atom, & Koenigsegg come to mind. Top gear had a regular feature where a race driver would do a lap of their circuit in a different sports/hyper car each week.

    In any event I wouldn't want to use a F4 car to go to work. I test fuel for them at racing circuits so know them better than most who might watch the video - If they modified the body so I could get in, I'd still be crippled before reaching the speed bumps - their suspension is somewhat harsh for road use. Even the fit drivers who race then take 30s to get out (no hope for me) & there's no where to put a sandwich for lunch, let alone real luggage. I suppose they do usually have a camera fitted but it's only a miniature video thing (no fun) & they're not standard issue according to the owners manual. I've only browsed the manual but that's a detail I'd remember! :)

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