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Aug 20, 2013
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New Jersey
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Tone mapped I took this last week in Florida.

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Nifty clouds. Simple composition. I wish there were a bit more of the post on the right hand side showing. I like the so-called "sloppy border" treatment. I am not super fond of the composition, but on the other hand, it's not awful or's just...well...kind of neutral. What I mean is the foreground rope is a strong graphical element in terms of its shape and line, but it does not really grab and hold my eye because well, it's just a rope. The grasses in the foreground are nondescript. The strength of the composition is the clouds, and they have a downward and diagonal feeling of movement, which works well with the bland rope. I really feel like the missing post on the right hand side is hurting the foreground. The rope and two posts sort of contain the foreground part, and the missing post on the right bugs me. I think you positioned the camera at the exact correct height; we get the grasses on the left overlapping the horizon line, and on the right hand side, we get a little peek-a-boo view of the horizon, which keeps this a landscape or a cloudscape, and not a seascape. The clouds and their dark-to-light contrast and their downward, diagonal drama really are nifty.
But in addition to agreeing with Derrel, I have to make my dislike of tone mapping known (as it tends to skew my tastes toward a bit on the negative biased side)...sometimes, it works and sometimes even working well, but in most instances, like yours, I find it all just a bit too crunchy sort of reminding me of 1940's postcards.
This would have been much better without both the rope and the post. I like the tones and colors.
Not always a fan of this type of processing, but you did a nice job here in my opinion.
I like this a lot, a lot. Beautiful photo
I like this very eye catching. Gives me a very calming and relaxed remember back in the day type of feeling. Well done.
i like it but for some reason i really want to see the other post included in the picture.
Thank you for the comments and feedback. I don't think I got one with the other post in it. I only took a couple of shots. This composition seemed to work best.

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