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May 25, 2010
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I recently took a cruise with my orchestra. We got to play on the cruise ship and everything. I had a really good time. I didn't have many good photos there because there wasn't that much time for photography. Unfortunately i didn't get any good photos on Nassau. My useable ones were mostly on Coco Cay (the private island owned by the company) As touristy as it was, it looked gorgeous. beautiful white sand, crystal waters and a sky full of clouds. These are two of my favorite from the whole trip. They were both taken looking out on a restricted entry area. It looks like it was built as a place for birds to rest away from all the people. I'll post a picture of the birds closer up later.

here they are


Out to Sea by greenjackson16, on Flickr


All Alone Out There by greenjackson16, on Flickr

Thanks in advance!
Happy to leave C&C on any of your photos, don't hesitate to ask.
~ Jackson
Amazing shots. Love the perspective in the first image. The second is also great because it tells ambit of a story with the sign and the weather ect mood job all around!
Thank You both!

Weather always makes the sky more interesting, if you look closely there might even be a bit of rain starting out in the ocean. I looked at your photography, I'm not usually a model photographer but I can still appreciate it. I also just saw your other works, great job all around!
Picture 1 is all about those powerful clouds against a blue sky. The rock/dirt road doesn't add anything to the scene, there's too much of it at too high an angle to be effective, and just runs straight out into the water. Now if you would have used about the same perspective as in picture 2 without the sign, having the road running to the left border, the texture of the rocks now adds even more to the overall scene, you would have a much stronger composition.

Picture 2 the clouds just end 2/3 across the sky. the road/rock is in reality the focal point of the picture. Why did you decide on B&W rather then color? Every element in the photograph would have benefited from colorization.
I like the first one. I think the road leading into the ocean is perfect for this scene. However the horizon is crooked and that is the most important thing in a landscape and so easy to fix.

#2 is OK. I like the sign but there are too many rocks for this perspective IMO. I do agree about the clouds just ending. I feel if the rocks and road were more to the right of the frame it would have been better. But I also don't know what is to the left of the frame.
1. I like it, but this is an instance where you could have benefited from the rule of thirds. I find myself wishing there were either more sky or more foreground.

2. This image seems too bright to be b&w, making it "feel" overexposed. I also agree that the sudden stopping of the clouds seems a little odd, but you could always say that it emphasizes the sign ;)

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