Cold Weather Honeybee

Joel Bolden

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Sep 2, 2020
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Stormstown, Pennsylvania
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I was bringing in firewood today and the day was sunny, but cold(41F) when I glanced over at a small patch of Crocus nearby and thought I saw something flying around. Sure enough, it was a single Honeybee working the tiny patch of flowers. I used to raise Honeybees and know they're not normally as cold tolerant as the native ones. Still, there it was. Took a few pics and watched it collect pollen, leave and come back to work the patch again. Hell, my truck's in the shop; not much else better to do.:chuncky:
Nice detail! I love shooting bees :)
He's taking advantage of that pretty crocus patch, isn't he? :) Nice shots.

I've read that bees/honeybees stay pretty sluggish until the temps hit the 50-degree F. mark. I used to stand outside under my cherry tree in full bloom, and in the early spring morning there wouldn't be a bee in sight. I was worried about the lack of bees until I saw them start to swarm by mid-day. By 4pm they'd start to leave. Like clocking out for the day. :lol:
Nice shots.

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