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Colored condos - Edmonton


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Mar 7, 2009
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Alberta, Canada
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It seems like people in Edmonton don't like these condos...Personally, I think they bring color to the city (which truly needs it)! :D

I wanted a beautiful blue sky and a sunny day, so I had to wait four days before making this picture right.
Photography makes me develop my patience every day (kinda of a challenge hehe). :)

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Seems like it was worth the wait. Good shot.
Thank you sooooo much everyone!!!! :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

@ Al-wazeer : Here is the link to see it bigger! :D
this is a great pic!
definitely would be worth hanging on the wall.
Great shot! I really like this building and see it often when I'm in the city (it's close to Vistek and McBains!). I am shocked that people hate the colors so much.
A friend of mine just returned from a trip to India and the first thing you notice in her pictures is how colorful everything is. I WISH we had a little color in this city (and the subburbs), everything is so drab and boring, ZERO color. Buildings like this help keep your spirits up, especially in our long winters! I don't mind a little color at all.
@ Soods : Ohh!! :hug:: Thanks!! Maybe I will :D!

@ Rubbertree : Thanks! Oh good, finally someone thinks like me lol. I thought I was the only one in Edmonton liking those buildings. I moved here 7 months ago, and the first thing I noticed was the lack of color...This city looks sad. Don't get me wrong, I love Edmonton, but still needs a little lifting here and there. And seriously, I don't understand why some people here don't like them. Why they love so much glass and steel? There are many places here in need for a good investment (118 Ave for instance). Anyways... funny nickname by the way ;-).
Great shot...I don't know exactly where that is...but I don't make it downtown very often.

Personally, I love the colors and agree that the city is in need of more buildings like this. What I don't like (which might be typical for Edmontonians) is the 'tightness' of them. We have so much open space here...it feels wrong to stuff so many units into such a small space.

Edmonton can be fairly bland...but just wait until spring gets going. Edmonton has the largest stretch of any municipal park system in North America (maybe the world). The entire river valley is basically a big park. There are also plenty of trees and such in most of the city...it's just that we have a short season to enjoy them. Also, because of the short summer season, it's packed with all sorts of festivals.

Spring will get here (one of these days)...I promise :)
@ Big Mike : If my memory is good, it's on 112 St and 104 Ave.
I agree, I don't like the tightness of them. :grumpy: Funny how they make things around here.
Nice shot. Thanks for sharing it. I've gotten to where I look at the weather forecast when I plan photo outings, but I'm looking for clouds.
Yes, these condos are on 104 Ave, directly across from the new res building and the new... I think it's a health sciences building? Which, ironically, is all glass and steel!

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