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Discussion in 'Photography Equipment & Products' started by splproductions, Mar 16, 2012.

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    I know most people hate these "Product A" versus "Product B" threads, but I need some help here.

    Just a little background... I'm a dental student, so photography isn't ever going to be my career, but I have a passion for it and want my work to be as professional as reasonably possible (for a non-professional). I can see myself doing some photography work on the side just to spice up my life a bit, but it won't be my bread and butter. (The photo "work" I am doing right now consists of charging families in the neighborhood $50 to do family pics.) I've invested in a 24-70L, a prime lens, a couple 580's, so I'm definitely interested in quality equipment. I have a bunch of books that I'm devouring to learn all I can about making my photos better. (I know it's not about the gear - it's knowing how to use it).

    I'm not using an IPS display - I'm using a Macbook Pro, which I know isn't ideal, but a new display is not in the cards right now. Also, I won't be doing any of my own printing.

    Now that you know where I'm coming from, do I really have any need for the i1 Display Pro? Or will the Colormunki Display be more than adequate?

    ETA: I've ruled out the i1 Display 2 because I want to make sure whatever I buy is supported 5+ years from now.

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    I suspect that the Colormunki Display will be adequate for your purposes rather than the i1 Display Pro. The bundled software might be a little slower and have slightly fewer features, but they are not features that most people need.

    I agree that the i1 Display 2 is not the best option now.

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