Colour Study1: Red vs Green


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Dec 13, 2007
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This is an article I have decided to write before I embark on my overseas trip.
Many friends asked me to write some of my yumcha conversation into an article. Build the content up over time as this could be quite valuable for myself in the future
Welcome to give your comments towards my gut feelings about this colour combo: Red vs Green

Colour Study 1: Red vs Green

James :)
This is stepping outside of capturing an image into full blown art theory. Colours play a huge role in interpreting an image. Just read the crap people write in the captions of paintings at a gallery.

More colour theory is written up at the Luminous Landscape: Colour Theory
They talk about not only the red-green, but also the blue-orange, and yellow-purple relationship, first order and second order colours, the role of primaries, the moods etc. Also a good read if you're bored.
Seriously good stuff. Thanks!

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