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May 12, 2005
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Florida U S A

Thx for lookin :sexywink:
Looks like I will have to wait in line. The bug seems to really want the front row seating :D

Great catch and lovely comp...
That shows the difference in climate between where you are, M@ko, and where I am: sunflowers have not even started being more than tiny baby stems here - they are typical late summer flowers.

Again I like the fact that this is a bud (with bug), still holding this promise that all buds hold.
very neat shot mako! great colors and light :)
I really like this soon to be bursting forth sunflower, great comp and colors...

PS My birds love sunflowers...gotta grow some next year :)
ooo, I missed this before, M @ k o! I just love it - one of my favorite flowers, anyway, and I'm a sucker for these "budding" kinds of shots. Nice tight crop, and sharp-sharp-sharp. :thumbup:

Wonderful! :)
Dang! Ours are only about 8 inches high.

Nice shot.

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