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Jan 4, 2011
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So I entered a photo editing competition so I can win a large scale car poster to decorate my dorm room. My walls are looking a bit bare at the moment, and wanted to try my luck at scoring me some free swag. The contest ends in March, but I wanted to get some feedback on my entry before then. The photograph was taken by John Zhang, a freelance Photographer in Los Angeles. He will be making the final decision based on editing technique and style. I did take this edit competition a bit serious, so bring on the comments & critique. Thank you


John Zhang
1013MM Photography By John Zhang
1013MM: Photography By John Zhang Blog
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My entry:

having issues uploading? tips?
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try upload it to a webstite like wordpress so you can copy and paste the image in.
Maybe I'm missing the point. The photo really doesn't look like its been edited very much, unless those massively distracting flares were added in post. Are you asking us to tell you what to do to the photo?

My suggestion would be to pick a different photo to edit if possible, this one just doesn't do much for me :/
Upload your pictures to Flickr or photobucket.
If the original is what is posted on his blog there looks to be little to nothing done to it in this version here. He says he's looking for unique and technique. That looks like a little bit of noise removal if ANYTHING has been done.
No, dude! it just looks over sharpened and the grafitti doesn't look real. You can do much more than that!
1. replace the tires with wagon wheels.
2. flames... on everything
3. (and my personal fav) go take a picture at a car dealership of the same car at night, but from a different angle.... their minds would be blown. Then you just say "oh, it's a new PS plugin i found)
or 4. just do nothing like you did.
This photo is not a keeper. The lighting is bad. The focus is soft and there is no hot chick. What kind of car promo is this? J/k - but only about needing the girl. Lighting and focus are still bad. Those huge halogens on the building helped nothing. The location is really bland anyway. Were you behind a strip center after work or something?
The photograph was taken by John Zhang, a freelance Photographer in Los Angeles.
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