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Jan 27, 2012
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Airdrie, AB, Canada
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I took these two photos of my cat sitting behind some blinds on a sunny day. He was sitting right next to a bar between two windows, and that can't really be helped. Given that he was next to the bar, which of these is better, purely based on composition? I like #1 because you can't see the bar as much, but in #2, you can see his outline better and he's in a different pose, so I think he looks more like a cat.


When I think about Composition ,I Think of composing music . Or organizing the elements of the art work in question .
In the two photos posted here, the line of the blind distracts to the extent that both photos are a loss . Anything that dissects the subject in anyway is a loss to me .
you have placed the Cat off center ,thats a good thing . The Idea of a cat silhouetted is a good one to continue pursuing . Of the two #1 is the better ,because I have never seen a unicorn cat before .lol

Just my thoughts ,If you don't like them I will give you a 100% refund .
I like the idea, but I don't think it worked here. #1 the silhouette is not distinct enough, #2 you can see the shape better but the bar kills it. I just think "Awww why did you stab a pole through him?" :lol: . I know you said the bars couldn't be helped, but it still kills the shot regardless. For me anyway. Someone else might say differently.
I think #2 would have been really good without the bar. Maybe you can catch him there again when he's not right against the bar?
Thanks everyone for your input. Pretty much mostly what I thought myself re: the beam. The sun shines in that window quite a bit so hopefully I can get him there again. Here's hoping!

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