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Discussion in 'Beyond the Basics' started by brklynside, Sep 10, 2003.

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    I'm looking to get a new lens for shooting in small clubs (capacities of 100-500). I have a Canon EOS ElanIIe camera equipped with the standard 28-80 that came with the camera, a 50mm/1.8 (works pretty well in these situations) as well as a crappy 70-300mm.

    Since the 50mm works well in low light, but doesn't get me close enough to the artists, what should I look at next? Some sort of telephoto?

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    500mm is probably to long for small clubs.

    My guess is that 70-200mm is a good length for this, the problem is the quality you will need is not cheep at all, “Canon 70-200mm 2.8f IS” is 1600 USD new

    A cheaper route could be a 2X extender. Canon’s is about 300 USD new for B&H. But, first look for a used one or other brand on ebay. I just looked at KEH saw one for 35 USD

    If you go all manual you can get an adaptor ring EOS to FD or EOS t-mount for thread lenses. The Canon 200mm 2.8f FD cost about 200 USD used on ebay it a very good lens. Add an extender for less than 150 USD. A low quality 400mm thread lens is under 100 USD new plus the mounting ring about 20 USD.

    I have a 400mm thread lens for 20 UDS plus shipping it’s your, you will need to get the t -mount b&h has them for 18 USD

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