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Discussion in 'General Shop Talk' started by noodle947, Aug 1, 2008.

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    hey guys!

    anyone works or has worked in the Concert Photography biz?

    i was approached by a club in Hollywood to do photography for them. i have a meeting with them next week and this is all new to me. some questions i had were,

    1) whats the going rate per night? or is it a weekly?

    2) licensing, does venue keep rights to the photos or you guys share? im just thinking later on the line when i want to put a book together or if i wanted to sell my photos.

    any help would be appreciated. or if theres other things im missing anything.


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    this will all depend on on your contract with them. Maybe they pay you a flat rate or hourly, and they get unlimited use of the photos. Maybe you keep the copyright, maybe they get the copyright. Maybe they don't pay you at all for shooting, but they buy the individual photos from you.

    You can do this a number of ways, depending on what they want to do with the photos. Using them on their website? fliers? posters? billboards? publications?

    You need to find out these specifics in order to charge fair price.

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