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Jan 18, 2010
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An office window Friday morning when the humidity here was just ridiculous.

I'd say your AC was cranked up too high. On the visual level, it's neat how you managed to position the background to partition the different levels of drops that are formed on the window. I'm kinda wishing you used a wider aperture and let the background be less distinct. Really like your choice of putting the dark horizontal bank in the frame where you did. You're motivating me to look more carefully at the drops on the windows.
Wonderfully executed I think. I especially love the two bars on the far right hand side!
Great shot , like the concept. The muted colors are striking. Ed
Bored at work? :) Nice exposure!
Thanks everyone! This is the first thing I saw there. The building was pretty cool on the inside, but the humidity was near 100% outside. Agree about the background, but took this with the Canon G11, so even at f4.5 the background wasn't going to be way out of focus, but I just don't bring the SLR every day.

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