Connecting sandbags to tripod

Yeah.. you'll need glue, latex gloves, some bailing wire, duct tape, a jar of mustard and a blow torch.
Ok being serious .. they do mention light stands and it looks like these have sleeves/straps to wrap around for weight.. I don't see why you couldn't use them to anchor a tripod.

If these present a problem however.. then try a sporting goods store that sells shooting rests .. you'll be looking for a two compartment canvas sandbag with a connecting flat piece between them .. I've used them combined with some straps or very tight elastic cord to anchor legs down. (Not on a tripod, but same concept)
There should be a velcro strap so that you can position the counterweight as needed on your lightstand. If not, lay them on the cross-member when you spread the stand out. Alternative method: duct tape.
Is there a type of hook I can add to the tripod to hold the bags?
My tripod has a hook/clip on the collar that I've added a carrying strap to. In a pinch, I can hang my camera bag from it.
I have a 055 pro cf tripod.
And there is a kind of small hook on it.
So from a climbing gear store I got some 1/8 rope and did a small 3 to 4 inches loop that says permanent on the tripod.
And when needed with a carabiner I hook my backpack to the tripod. It serves as stabiliser and a place to secure the backpack.
First of all, this isn't really going to work on a tripod the way it does on a light stand. The legs are much lower to the ground and at a shallower angle so they'll hold a sandbag. Also, I'm curious about what problem you are trying to solve. The whole point of a tripod is for it to be stable enough to hold your camera, and if you need added support, it isn't doing its job.

Is there a way to connect sandbags like these: ePhoto FOUR Photo Video Sand Bag Light Stand Sandbags by ePhoto INC 4SBblack: Camera & Photo to my tripod Manfrotto o55xprob?

Yes. You know the pole that goes straight vertical in the middle?

1) Go to the very bottom of that, like the last inch or so. Lay it out flat on a piece of scrap wood on the ground or a sawhorse.
2) Clamp it down with a couple of clamps so it doesn't roll (with towels in between clamp and rod. We aren't animals here!)
3) Ding a dimple into that last inch or so, dead center with a nail
4) Take your power drill with a nice strong bit and drill a small hole straight through both sides (the dimple will make the drill not slide off).
5) Use larger bits progressively until you get to about 3/8" (or whatever is close to about 1/2 the diameter of that rod). Progressive in small steps since you are cutting metal.
6) Slide either an S-shaped hook or a carabiner through the hole you made.
7) Attach sandbags to the other end of the S hook or carabiner.
8) Profit (don't even need question marks in between!)
On second thought, I looked up some larger images of the tripod in question, and it looks like there might be a few screws at the bottom of that pole. No doubt holding whatever end cap piece in place.

If so, then simple unscrew those screws partially, wrap some thin stranded cable or whatever around, and screw them back in, and then you can use that to attach bags to, so long as the screws look sturdy. If they are tiny flimsy things just holding in a plastic endcap or whatever, then don't do that, though. Make your own stronger hole.

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