Couch with pull out bed trade for lens


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Sep 5, 2015
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Friend of a friend needed a couch with pull out bed and I have been wanting to get rid of that beast for a while. Him and his buddy even came and got it . The best part was I did not even have to lift it . All I had to do was was drive it over there in my truck. Swapped me for lens below. It looks to be brand new and never used. I would have given that couch away but he offered the lens so I took it.

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Heck 2.8 glass for a couch. My kids are going to be sitting on the floor in the living room if I could get that deal.

Nice score.
I don't know anything about that specific lens but seems like you got the best end of that deal.
Lol. I told him you get it out the basement and into my truck and out of my truck into your apartment and you can have it. It was good quality and in great condition. It included pillow blanket, 2 fitted sheets, and a memory foam topper. He wanted to give me a d3200 and I said no need I have a D3300, then grabbed the lens and said take this, I insist. What's a man to do, right?

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