Couple quick test shots from the new D7200

Nice set.Love the first one, he'she is so cutee! :D
Both of those rock.
Thanks.I absolutely love this Camera.The menu is Deep compared to a D3300 but I already customized my command wheels and buttons the way I like. I love the OK button set to a 1.1 100 percent zoom.There is just so many things to love about the D7200 and so happy I got one.The desire for the D500 will still be there but much less now that I have something more exciting then the D3300 but thats a great camera to.
Awesome test shots, I just got mine in the mail last night and now I have to work Saturday and the temps are supposed to be -20 to -30 thru the weekend!
Thanks everyone.Yes its suppose to be super cold this weekend and if there is no sun I will not be trying focus tracking.:concern:

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