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Apr 17, 2006
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queensland, australia
:hail: Hiya, I have recently purchased a Canon 350D (Yippeee) and have been reading every photography book i can find. Am looking at doing a course to HELP me! Does anyone know much about the Brisbane College of Photography & Arts.... I am looking at starting with the Basic Intro course????
Hi Jemmy, I'm in Sydney, so can only base my advice on the Sydney market, which I imagine is similar. The TAFE courses are very good, but often quite lengthy, but reasonably priced. Often private courses are expensive and if you are a learner, you can be taken advantage of. I will check the web site [if they have one] of the College you mentioned and get back to you. Philip.
Hi again Jemmy,
Their Web site is quite comprehensive and one good thing is the short courses seem to be about two [2] hours per week, rather than a long crash course. I couldn't find what their fees are. I learnt many years ago by working with a series of photographers and went from there. Do you want to learn to take up the business or just be a good amateur. Philip []

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