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Mar 4, 2013
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It's much harder to get good shots now that little one is crawling. The first time she did this I didn't have the camera handy and the second time, it wasn't the same as the wonder with which she approached the door originally. This one didn't look like it did in my mind. It's fine for a snapshot for a family memory. I'm not sure exactly what's bugging me about it so I'm not sure how to do this again. Anyone help me with what needs adjustment?
The perspective lines are bothersome, and that doorjamb line is a little annoying. That might be it.
Cropping out the door jam gives this. I'm not sure what you mean about the perspective lines (I'm sometimes a little dense). :)
I think the Bunny is right. I tried a quick perspective adjust in GIMP, and then I wanted to warm her little feet, but did a bad job of that and screwed up the color. I think you'll like it more if you take it from a baby level perspective. BTW what a sweet baby!

This might help on visualizing the perspective thing?
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Yes, what madam squirrel did. (and saved my lazy butt the trouble... thank you!)

In my defense... I was writing. :lol:
I think baby level would really open it up as well!
Thank you! Now I get it. . . . . and now I can see it on the original even without the And squirrels her feet are always problematic. She doesn't want socks but her feet are always cold, so they're naturally whiter with an almost blue tinge at times. I'm just excited to be taking some better pictures and not be on auto. I've only been on this dslr since March. . . so I'm really a newbie.
Well a belated welcome aboard to you! You are going to have so much fun with this. BTW my little one is cruising and feels that pants are cramping his style so I here what you are saying! Also if you need software on the cheap (free), GIMP is your friend.
GIMP is the root of all evil.
Cheap evil. The road to ... ok I'll stop. :lol:

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