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Sep 19, 2010
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Long Island
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I've only been shooting for about 6 months, I don't have the best equipment but I try to make due. Let me know what you guys think




In #1, moving to the left would have been better, putting the gap in the mountains towards the right side and showing more of the dock, boats, etc. Good exposure and color.

#2 is way underexposed. Sometimes very dark images can seem mysterious, but here you can barely see that there is someone on the sidewalk.

#3 is nice - good use of bw tonal differences. The seated figure and the stuff on the left are a little far apart, so maybe shooting from a different angle would have been even better. Cropping a little of the uniform gray sky at the top might be helpful also.

#4 is tough to look at just in terms of subject matter. Cropping on the bottom to remove the bright strip probably is a good idea.
I brightened up number two and it looks much better, as does your advice for #4 with taking out that white part of the window. Thanks :)
I love the third one. The first could be better with a crop in the foreground. There's a lot of water that's just "dead space". Best would've been to compose it that way with more sky, though. The last one is ruined by the flash-washed strip in the right nearly 2/3 of the shot...not that it was a "must have" photo (to me) in the first place (sometimes, the best thing a photographer can do, imho, is ask "why" BEFORE taking a shot). The second is ok, creative, but way too dark.

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