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Jan 16, 2008
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eh i guess you guys didn't understand that the point was IT'S A HIGH CONTRAST SHOT lol its supposed to be very dark and very light. i really enjoy it and i guess if no one has anything ELSE to say i decided to take it down! oh and her breast are fine thanks!
I like the pose and composition of the photograph. From the technical point, the pics are noisy and there is a shadow on the leg of the first one which is distraction. These look like appropriate for boudoir photography.
I like them. I mean, they aren't amazing to me. But they are certainly interesting to look at. Then again, I think the model might be what is grabbing my attention. I'd say watch out for awkward shadows, such as the ones seen on the first one. The lighting is much better in the second one, but it's not as interesting of a composition. Combine the better elements of the two and you'll have a great shot I think. Welcome to the forum.
Pretty hot ;). But besides that the shadow does kind of ruin the first one. I like the feel of the darkness though. They aren't bad, I like them!
The on-camera flash has certainly almost ruined the first photo. Pose is good in both, so is the clothing, I guess, but posters pinned to the wall don't go with "boudoir", I think. So do watch the background you're working with, too.

The second suggests you also tried to make use of the window light only, leaving the flash (good! much better!), but you will have to work with the help of a tripod for that, I think. Using high ISO may help for the moment, but if you plan to really get into that sort of photography, any kind of blur that should show in the end product should not be caused by camera shake or high iso noise.
thanks guys! i definatly know they aren't perfect but I'm not even using a DSLR lol its a Sony DSC-H5 lol (it's the bigger of the sony cyber shot type) sooo I can't change anything and pretty much can only use auto. so untill I can afford a dslr this will have to do! as for the back ground its in my bedroom lol. thanks again for your input I'll have to upload some more and see what you guys think!
oh and with the first photo its actually just high at work and dont have the original but theres no shadow or harsh flash lol i just really like playing with photoshop and high contrast pictures!
Overall I like them but would say her breasts need to be displayed more prominently in both shots. I would work on the framing as well. It would be nice in #2 if we saw more of a facial expression.

Whoever mentioned the lighting in the first one is right. Way to much shadow on the legs.

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