Crop factor of LB


Iron Flatline

Hi all.

Ok, so I got the LensBaby 2.0, and I think I'll keep it. I have two cameras, a Canon 5D (with a full-size sensor) and a an older D60, which has an APS-C sized sensor (the size most of the other Canon SLRs have, with the 1.6 crop factor.)

If I look at the pictures that I took yesterday at the Vet Cemetery with my 5D (posted in Landscapes forum) I have a relatively good focal sweet spot, and then a large halo of blurring. Had I used my older camera, I assume I would have had the same size sweet spot, but the blurry part around the edges would have been cropped. So if I want a lot of blurry areas in my shot, I'll have to compensate by using one of the larger apertures.

Is that right?

I ask because I intend to put the LensBaby on the older camera, so I have two bodies available when I go out and shoot.
You know that may be a factor. I realize i have to really bend the LB to get the distortion I want on my crop sensor. Hmmm. . . . never considered that until you brought it up. I figure FF would need less torque since the whole lens is used and not cropped off.

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