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Feb 8, 2007
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There is a very strong trend that is not abating and that is the ambidexterity and multi disciplinary capacities of several fashion designers to become their own photographers and perhaps creative directors of their own line of clothing, accessories etc.

I think that is great, as it really shows us that if you are creative, it doesn't really matter which tools you employ to express yourself and that the tool is just a means of concretizing the creative experience in to a viable product.

I myself have on occasion been asked to be a consulting creative director for brands as diverse as Lancôme, Dim, Club Med, etc. There are several designers out there that are employing very competent crews to aid in their realizing their visual goals, as would a film director, screen writer or producer. However, this does effectively diminish the possibilities of photographers whom had in the past been employed for their campaigns to seek work elsewhere. That is a tough call indeed!

It is for this reason, I am writing this post to say that I am seriously considering starting up a new line of clothing called "KanareK"…

I would love to get your feedback as well as your feeling regarding the new trend of multi-disciplinary creativity. Do you feel that it is here to stay, or just a trend due to a reaction to the economic malaise we are suffering at this juncture in time?

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I think it comes down to us devaluing everything to the point that it is almost impossible to make a living doing much of anything. No one, whether we are talking corporate or personal expendtures has a budget for anything anymore and even if they do they believe it should be free or close to it. Then people are so desperate, they do it for free or close to it.

I think we forgot, maybe 20 years ago or so, how to actually make money and what value things have. When you make money in stocks or distorts the reality that we forgot how to make money actually doing something.

Good luck
First of all, good luck with your clothing line. It sounds extremely exciting and daunting at the same time. I am a graphic designer first and a photographer second. The only problems I come accross with some peole is they will be a jack of all trades and master of none and I end up with mediocre results. However, I've seen your work and you have mastered photography so I see great things for your clothing line. Bonne chance!

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