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Jul 30, 2010
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I saw this pink trailer and thought it would be a different background. I grabbed my friend crystal and started shooting. Please C&C welcome!!!






They all seem oof or very soft focus, especially on the face. Cool spot though, if it's still there, it'd be a good re-shoot area.
yea your right. they are "very soft focus." so frustrating! thanks!
Most of the pictures look out of focus. #2 looks kind of cheesy, the way she's bending over... ? It's really awkward.
yea, i see what ya mean. I gotta keep trying. keep the CC coming please !!
i guess the poses strike me more as "snapshots" then planned shots. And, like previously stated, most have soft focus. Go try again! seeems like thats a cool spot.
All of them are a little soft to me.. some could fill the frame a little bit more and maybe crop? I dont know... The pink trailor is pretty neat...its different. BUt the buckles/locks, metal door frames and the obnoxious white tire next to her... just are more of an eye sore than anything else. They kind of hurt the pictures, IMO.
1. Awkward expression capture.
2. pose is Not hot, sexy or flattering the way shes bent down. haha... weird.
3. had you of moved back and not got the buckles/locks/doors in the shot i think this would have been better. First thing my eye is led to , are the locks.
4/5. I like the pose and the composition, but i think there is a little to much room on the top. Cant decide if i like the b/w version more or not.
6. I like her facial expression more in this, but i dont care for the "squat down next to the tire" uncomfortable pose here.
I think 4/5 is your best out of the set.
You know, if she were turned a bit to her right, and her shoulders were touching the side of the trailer, and her lower back were tightened, and her shoulders pulled back, and her chest lifted up, she'd look narrower at the hips and *very* feminine, if you know what I mean...

Look at her pelvic axis in relation to the camera, and also consider her chest and torso axis, as it relates to the camera....this girls' got it goin' on...but you're simply not showing off her best assets the right way....there are two body axes that are critical...pelvis/hips and chest/shoulders...

Think about it that way....pelvis/hips and chest/shoulders...
Perfectlyflawed-I like the edit. and thanks everyone for the CC. I shall try again and post em again. your def right about the chest/shoulders and pelvic/hips.

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