CS5 RAW editor - how to repeat settings through multiple files?


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Nov 4, 2011
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when i took a photoshop class in school, we loaded a RAW file in the editor then made some adjustments, mostly just white balance. She then showed us how to load more RAW files and reuse those same settings without having to reset them.

it was basically for dealing with multiple shots taken under the same lighting or of the same subject.

anyone know?
Not sure if the word is the same for CS5, but "Batch" processing is probably what you're looking for.
I do not know how to do any ind of presets for the raw converter. But if you open multiple files at once you can select them all in the raw converter and any adjustment you make would be applied to all the photos you have selected.
If you have Bridge, you can right click and copy the raw settings (all or selectively) and then "paste" the settings onto other images you select. You can basically do the same thing in the editor itself as Joe pointed out.
You select all the photos you want to work on in Bridge.

If all the files in Bridge are contiguous hold down the shift key, click on the first file, then the last file to select them all.
Right click in any of the selected files and choose 'Open in Camera Raw'.

You will see all those photos on the left side of Camera Raw. At the top of that column you'll see a 'Select all' and a 'Synchronize' button. The Synchronize button will be 'grayed out'.

The First photo you selected in Bridge will be in the Camera Raw work space. make your desired changes. If you want those changes applied to all the photos on the left click on Select All. The Synchronize button then activates and when clicked on the Synchronize dialog box pops up. In the Synchronize drop down menu you can choose 'Everything' or one of many other choices.

You don't have to Select All. You can select individual non-contiguous photos by holding the CTRL key down and clicking on the photos you want to apply edits to.

The most photos I have seen sent to Camera Raw in this way is 5000 photos. No doubt, it took a few minutes for them all to get there though.

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