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Aug 13, 2006
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I'm currently taking photography class and learning the ropes.. I'd love some feedback to gauge how I'm doing.. This is probably not the best composed..and I really don't like the cord hanging in the cats face....but I think I got the lighting and setting right.. what do you guys and gals think..

composition aside, I'd say you did alright.
It's an interesting shot, and the lighting is very cool. There's a few lights above and below the aquarium that you might want to try to "hide" by cloning them out, and perhaps a closer crop would help to really emphasize the cat as the subject. Nice work; keep shooting!
Since you didn't state one way or the other about editing your photos, so here's my crop. The lights above and below were distracting. I think to make this interesting, wait until fish are in view.

Also get the cord out of the way of the kitty.
I prefer seeing the whole tank as to see what the cat is looking at personally. I think its a very interesting picture and I didn't even notice the lights up top because its dark there. I only noticed the cords, but I'm 100% positive if you'd moved those before taking the shot, you never would have gotten it in the first place so theres not a lot you can do but try to clone them out.

(Looks more like a tank for a reptile, so the wait for a fish to come by could be long!)

I think the closer crop works well and the lighting gives the shot interest and an ominous feel. (Needless to say, move the cord. But you know that)
Man, I wish there was a fish on the other side of the class staring right back... :)
thanks for all the reply's everyone...I'm not to handy in croping and photo editing quite yet.. It does look alot better croped, but I like the whole tank showing.. AmberA100 pmed me a very nice crop.. and it's a bearded dragon in the tank..

And my photos are ok to edit..I'll try to change that in my profile thing..
Ok :) This was the crop I did. I like seeing the entire tank because you can see what the cat is looking at.


Either way.. its a very interesting image. :) I love it!


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