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    I have read through the book on the Canon 350D.
    Set any white balance - Take a picture of white object on manual focus,
    Ok - I am using a light tent with tungstun lights - so I take a picture of a white card in the light tent with the tungstun lights on, I then go into custom white ballance in the camera menu - I select the white photo I have just taken - this data is loaded into the camera settings - then I select white ballance from the menu and press set - Ithen select the custom white ballance from the main menu - when I press the shutter half way an icon should apear!!
    well i followed the instructions but i could not see any difference

    Any help would be appreciated

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    Here is a different approach. Try shooting RAW and forget about setting custom white balance. Take a shot of your white card (I'd use a 18% grey card rather than a white card) in the same light as your main subject. Use this image as your white balance reference when you convert the RAW data of your images in your favorite RAW converter. That way you set the white balance with a simple mouse click, no fiddling around with the menus of your camera.
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    Sorry... I'm not an equipment junkie, BUT this sounds exactly like my Canon 10D. I don't get an icon in my viewfinder, but there is an icon on the display on top of my camera... looks like a bow-tie, maybe.

    I hope this helps.

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