Customer at Red Emma's Anarchist Socialist Bookstore and Cafe


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Dec 11, 2006
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My personal life has kept me from shooting much lately but every couple of weeks I get into Baltimore for books and go to Red Emma's for coffee and people watching. I always sit at the same place, one of those high tables that one sees in bars and that place gives me a view over the entire cafe. If I set there quietly, eventually I fade into the woodwork and I get to take pictures of the other customers without being noticed.

It is interesting to me how much more relaxation, one sees in faces when the owners don't think that they are being observed. Shot with Oly OMD 5 and Pana 35-100 (70-200 equivalent) f 2.8 at 1/200 iso 3200.

Stunning detail and eyes.
thanks, Larry,
All of that is due to that lovely Panasonic 35-100 lens and the OMD body (and a bit of denoising and selective sharpening)
Love it. Your coffee shop work (color and B&W) is really do a great job of conveying personality of the people you shoot. I think that's one of your strengths as a photographer.

And sorry to hear about the personal life. I hope things get better on that front.

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